About Ginnell Fibreglass Products

Ginnell Fibreglass Products is a family owned business established in 2005. We manufacture a range of products from Glass Re-enforced Plastic (GRP). We use only top quality raw materials in our products and we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality.

We have to date made a huge range of products, from fire retardant covers for the steam jets of a sauna, to our latest product, a "full size" one-piece GRP swimming pool. One of our best selling products is a fibreglass dog box on a unique steel frame that attaches to the tow bar on your car or jeep. Because of the uniqueness and versatility of the frame we use to mount the dog box on the tow bar we requested and were granted permission by its manufacture to sell the range of Bak- Rak tow ball accessories in Ireland.

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