Dog Box

Dog Box

We have been manufacturing and selling tow bar mounted dog boxes for the past 14 years.
Hundreds of boxes have been supplied to customers and have proven to be strong and very durable.

Some of the features our dog carrier box offers:
  • Lightweight (24kg)
  • Single person. Easy on. Easy off
  • Ventilated
  • Long life with low maintenance
  • Generous space (w)55cm x (l)83cm x (h)70cm
  • Fits ALL types of tow bars
  • Totally legal and insurable
  • Available in Black, White, Green or Red.
  • Adjustable tilt to allow for off level tow bars.
  • Frame can carry up to 75Kg.
  • Suitable for one medium or two small dogs.
  • 1 year parts warranty.

This dog carrier will fit on any type of tow bar including swan necks. It clamps very securely to the ball. Because it is suspended there, it uses the suspension of the car to give your dog a smooth journey. It eliminates any problem you may have maneuvering a trailer in a tight spot as the box moves rigidly behind the car.

The Ginnell Fibreglass dog box is constructed using glass reinforced plastic (GRP). This not only gives the box strength but also a stylish look. The fibreglass body is then mounted on to a zinc plated steel frame(G3) which is tested and approved to UK and German standards. This frame uses a totally unique cast iron shell that allows the dog box to attach to the tow bar. One bolt is tightened up with a 19mm wrench or socket and the dog box is totally secure and safe.

The box box is ideal for working dogs or just to bring the family pet to the countryside or beach for a walk. It won't matter how dirty they get, your car will stay clean and odour free.


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